Logo graphic for the Coastal Resources Division
Organizational Structure

CRD Director's Office
Spud Woodward, Director

  • Oversight of division activities
  • Supervision of senior management team
  • Liaison with DNR headquarters and DNR Board 
  • Administrative commissioner to ASMFC
  • Agency representative on SAFMC
  • Coordination of outreach and education

Coastal Management
Jill Andrews, Section Chief

Coastal and Ocean Management

  • Georgia Coastal Management Program
  • Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation
  • Program Enhancements
  • Wetlands Assessment
  • Coastal Incentive Grants
  • Technical Assistance
  • Outreach and Education
  • Water Quality

Marsh and Shore Management

  • Coastal Marshlands Protection Act (CMPA)
  • Shore Protection Act (SPA)
  • Federal Consistency
  • Revocable Licenses
  • Water Bottoms Leases
  • Private Recreational Docks (CMPA-exempt)

Compliance and Enforcement

  • Investigate and Resolve Unauthorized Activities of the CMPA/SPA
  • Sunken and Abandoned Vessel Project

Marine Fisheries
Pat Geer, Section Chief

Research and Surveys Program

  • Lab and Analytical Services
  • Stock Assessments
  • Data from Scientific Surveys (trawl, gill, trammel, longline, etc.)

Fisheries Statistics Unit

  • Data from Recreational Fishing Activities
  • Seafood Harvest Statistics
  • Angler Surveys
  • Fishing Guide Surveys

Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Unit

  • Offshore and Inshore Reefs
  • Inshore Habitat Restoration

Boating and Fishing Access Unit

  • Fishing Pier and Boat Ramp Construction, Maintenance, and Consultation
  • Clean Vessel Act Pump-Out Station Project
  • Boating Infrastructure Grants

Administrative Services Unit
Linda Willis, Manager

  • Budget, expenditure, external grants, and asset management
  • Procurement services
  • Personnel transactions
  • Information management technology liaison
  • CRH campus operation, maintenance, and repair
  • CRH receptionist services