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Coastal Incentive Grant Program

Every year, Georgia’s Coastal Management Program (GCMP) passes approximately 50 percent of its federal Coastal Zone Management funds to local governments, research institutions and state agencies. These Coastal Incentive Grants (CIGs) encourage regional and local coastal issues to be defined and addressed creatively and proactively at a grass-roots level.

A vital part of the GCMP’s work, the CIG Program has distributed more than $18,500,000 over its 20-year life span. Adding to this amount, the GCMP has also leveraged at least that much in state and local matching funds, for a total of more than $36,500,000. These funds are put to work in a wide range of projects, including natural resource planning by local governments, public access, scientific research, and a wide range of outreach activities. A Coastal Advisory Council sets the CIG themes and determines the evaluation criteria each year.

Successful uses of Coastal Incentive Grant funds are highlighted below.

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Local Community Planning and Green Development

Coastal Incentive Grants have been used to develop master plans and ordinances to encourage appropriate land use. 

Increased Public Access to Natural Resources

Coastal Incentive Grants have been used for many public-access projects, including trails, boat ramps and docks.

Research on Current Coastal Natural Resources Issues

Coastal Incentive Grant support has been available when important questions arise about how to best protect coastal resources and monitor and improve the health of marshes and coastal waters.

Public Education

A major goal of the GCMP is to enhance the public’s understanding of the environment and to build awareness of coastal issues. Accordingly, all Coastal Incentive Grants incorporate some form of educational and outreach component. Many projects have achieved significant success in reaching the general public and school children.


Any questions about the Coastal Incentive Grant Program can be directed to:

Stefanie M. Nagid, Grants Coordinator

912-264-7224, stefanie.nagid@dnr.ga.gov