Coastal Incentive Grants

Coastal Incentive Grant Program

Georgia's Coastal Management Program (GCMP) is administered under authority of the Georgia Coastal Management Act, OCGA 12-5-320 et. seq.  In accordance with that statute, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR) is designated as the lead agency to cooperate with other agencies in implementing the GCMP through a networked process.  The mission of the GCMP is to balance economic development in Georgia's coastal area with preservation of natural, environmental, historic, archaeological and recreational resources for the benefit of Georgia's present and future generations.  The GDNR Coastal Resources Division administers the GCMP and carries out a number of programs in direct support of GCMP objectives, including the administration of the Coastal Incentive Grant (CIG) Program.

The CIG Program is a competitive pass-through subgrant program made possible by a grant to GDNR from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through Congressional funding pursuant to the Coastal Zone Management Act.  Each year, the GCMP allocates a portion of its federal funding to the Coastal Incentive Grants.  These subgrants may be awarded to qualified county and municipal governments, regional commissions, state-affiliated research or educational institutions, or state agencies (except GDNR), provided the project takes place entirely within the eleven-county service area of the program.  The CIG Program service area includes Brantley, Bryan, Camden, Chatham, Charlton, Effingham, Glynn, Liberty, Long, McIntosh and Wayne counties.  The program cycle that makes this opportuinity possible is indicated below, however the CIG Public Notice should be read every year when advertised for program specific details.

The CIG Program Cycle:

  • July: Coastal Advisory Council Annual Meeting (estabishes CIG themes and conditions)
  • August: GDNR Board of Natural Resources approves CIG Public Notice
  • September: Advertisement of CIG Public Notice
  • November: CIG Letter of Intent due
  • January: CIG Application due
  • March: CIG Technical Review Committee Meeting (application ranking)
  • April: GDNR grant application due to NOAA (including recommended CIG subgrants)
  • July: NOAA approves GDNR application
  • September: GDNR and CIG applicant sign subgrant award contracts for start date of October 1st 


2016-2017 (Cycle 19) CIG Public Notice

The 2016-2017 CIG Public Notice will be advertised in mid-September upon GDNR Board of Natural Resources approval.


2015-2016 (Cycle 18) CIG Recipients

The 2015-2016 CIG recipients will be listed in August 2015 upon NOAA approval of the GDNR grant application. 


Coastal Incentive Grant Open Subgrant Awards

  • UGA Research Foundation - High resolution mapping of vegetation, elevation, salinity and bathymetry to advance coastal habitat management in Georgia, Year 2: $77,551
  • Jekyll Island State Park Authority - Jekyll Island Marsh Fragments: Assessing ecological function and health for strategic restoration planning, Year 2: $13,256
  • GA Southern University Research and Service Foundation - Connectivity between the Altamaha River estuary and critical coastal marine habitats, Year 2: $45,976
  • UGA Research Foundation - Impact of Georgia salt marsh loss on the habitat distribution of recreationally and economically important fishes and crustaceans, Year 2: $40,597
  • UGA MAREX - An evaluation of water quality in selected areas of on-site septic disposal system densities for Glynn County, Year 2: $34,081
  • GA Tech Research Corp - Enhancement of the Georgia Coastal Atlas and Georgia Coastal Management Program through GIS data development, standardization, training and outreach, Year 2: $21,806
  • Savannah State University - A new technology to quantify and to predict the loss or recovery of marsh vegetation using rhizome viability index, Year 1: $60,000
  • Chatham County - Greenway Implementation Plan Development: $55,000
  • City of Brunswick - Storm-water Utility Feasability Study, Year 1: $65,000
  • City of Midway - Wetland Education Plan: A Coastal Model: $25,020
  • GA Southern University Research and Service Foundation - Identification of the sources of pathogens in wetland sediments and their influence on beach water quality: $76,882
  • GA Southern University Research and Service Foundation - Evaluation of the role of groundwater and elevation on marsh dieback development and recovery, Year 1: $25,401
  • City of Springfield - Springfield Ebenezer Greenway, Phase II: $31,100
  • UGA Research Foundation - Improving habitat classification, hazard mitigation and navigation in coastal Georgia with a state-of-the-art bathymetric sonar system, Phase II, Year 1: $59,026
  • Coastal Soil & Water Conservation District - Conservation Education Program: $4,000
  • UGA MAREX - Septic system inventory in Glynn and Long Counties, Georgia, Year 1: $73,664
  • UGA MAREX - Increasing eastern oyster aquaculture production in Georgia through establishment of an in-state oyster hatchery, Year 1: $77,780
  • UGA Research Foundation - Georgia Coastal Research Council: $45,000
  • UGA Research Foundation - The effects of sea level rise and increased frequency of storms on inundation and salt intrusion on Georgia's estuaries, Year 2: $72,567
  • City of Burnswick - Mary Ross Waterfront Park Masterplan: $17,500
  • Chatham County-Chatham County/Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission - Land Management Efforts, Year 1: $5,896


Coastal Incentive Grant Closed Subgrant Awards

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Questions regarding the Coastal Incentive Grant Program should be directed to:
Stefanie M. Nagid, Grants Coordinator