Coastal Incentive Grants

Coastal Incentive Grants - Cycle 17

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division is proud to announce the following projects have been approved for the 2014-2015 fiscal year Coastal Incentive Grant funding.  Congratulations to all our recipients!

UGA Research Foundation - High resolution mapping of vegetation, elevation, salinity and bathymetry to advance coastal habitat management in Georgia, Year 2: $77,551

Chatham County - Chatham County-Chatham County Resource Protection Commission land management efforts, Year 2: $5,541

Jekyll Island State Park Authority - Jekyll Island Marsh Fragments: Assessing ecological function and health for strategic restoration planning, Year 2: $13,256

GA Southern University Research and Service Foundation - Connectivity between the Altamaha River estuary and critical coastal marine habitats, Year 2: $45,976

UGA Research Foundation - Impact of Georgia salt marsh loss on the habitat distribution of recreationally and economically important fishes and crustaceans, Year 2: $40,597

UGA MAREX - An evaluation of water quality in selected areas of on-site septic disposal system densities for Glynn County, Year 2: $34,081

GA Tech Research Corp - Enhancement of the Georgia Coastal Atlas and Georgia Coastal Management Program through GIS data development, standardization, training and outreach, Year 2: $21,806

Savannah State University - A new technology to quantify and to predict the loss or recovery of marsh vegetation using rhizome viability index, Year 1: $60,000

Chatham County - Chatham County Greenway Implementation Plan Development: $55,000

City of Brunswick - Storm-water Utility Feasability Study, Year 1: $65,000

City of Midway - Wetland Education Plan: A Coastal Model: $25,020

GA Southern University Research and Service Foundation - Identification of the sources of pathogens in wetland sediments and their influence on beach water quality: $76,882

GA Southern University Research and Service Foundation - Evaluation of the role of groundwater and elevation on marsh dieback development and recovery, Year 1: $25,401

City of Springfield - Springfield Ebenezer Greenway, Phase II: $31,100

UGA Research Foundation - Improving habitat classification, hazard mitigation and navigation in coastal Georgia with a state-of-the-art bathymetric sonar system, Phase II, Year 1: $59,026

Coastal Soil & Water Conservation District - Conservation Education Program: $4,000

UGA MAREX - Septic system inventory in Glynn and Long Counties, Georgia, Year 1: $73,664

UGA MAREX - Increasing eastern oyster aquaculture production in Georgia through establishment of an in-state oyster hatchery, Year 1: $77,780

UGA Research Foundation - Georgia Coastal Research Council: $45,000


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