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McIntosh County

McIntosh County includes the communities of Cox, Crescent, Darien, Eulonia, Pine Harbour, Ridgeville, Shellman Bluff, South Newport, Townsend, and Valona.

McIntosh County was created in 1793 from part of Liberty County. The state’s seventeenth county, it was named for the McIntosh clan, who pioneered the area.

McIntosh County is rich in historic sites. Fort King George, the first English fort in Georgia, is in Darien.  The area was also home to a late 16th century Franciscan mission, and an American Indian village. Ruins of a Spanish fort and mission are also found on Sapelo Island. St. Cyprians Episcopal Church, established in 1876 by freed slaves, is still in use. And, St. Andrews Episcopal Church, on the National Register of Historic Places, was copied from and English church after the original structure was burned by Union troops in 1863.

Residents of McIntosh County also enjoy Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Refuge and Wilderness Area, Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge and Wilderness, and Sapelo Island National Estuarine Sanctuary.

McIntosh County hosts the Annual Blessing of the Fleet in Darien each spring.

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