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Education & Outreach


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Outreach and Events

The Coastal Resources Division has many outreach programs and events, including Beach Week, CoastFest, and the Fishing Derby.

Nature Trail

A wonderful coastal treasure waits to be discovered at the DNR Coastal Resources Division (CRD) Headquarters ~~ the Earth Day Nature Trail! Take a journey through the Nature Trail and Marsh Walk and discover the wonders of our natural surroundings.


The beaches of coastal Georgia are a resource enjoyed by local residents and by tourists from all over the world. Beaches range from the popular and easily accessible Jekyll, St. Simons, and Tybee islands to the smaller locally known estuarine beaches to the remote barrier islands such as Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Salt Marshes

Georgia's salt marshes play a unique role in maintaining the delicate balance of nature so vital along our coastal estuaries.

Maritime Forest

Crossing into the back dunes and beyond of the barrier islands, you will enter the realm of the maritime forest. The maritime forests of the southern coast are as unique and enchanting as any other forest in the United States

Know the Connection

We as individuals and communities affect the natural world around us through our CONNECTIONS. Coastal Georgia visitors, residents, and up-stream neighbors share a unique CONNECTION to this natural environment. 

These CONNECTIONS are limitless.

At DNR's Coastal Resources Division we are working with and studying these CONNECTIONS and want to help you "KNOW THE CONNECTION." We are launching a new educational campaign, "KNOW THE CONNECTION" in an effort to better convey information concerning our coastal natural world. Take a journey with us through our coastal world and discover many of the CONNECTIONS that exist, why they are important, and the role we all play within our environment in Coastal Georgia.

Teachers (Marine Education)

Resource materials for teachers are available for download from the Know the Connection website.

Coastal Laws and Regulations 

The Department of Natural Resources has statewide responsibilities for the management and conservation of Georgia's natural and cultural resources.