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Georgia Coastal and Marine Planner

Through routine analysis the Georgia Coastal Management Program identified gaps in planning for offshore activities.  In partnership with the Georgia Tech Center for Geographic Information Systems and Strategic Energy Institute steps were taken to address regulatory processes, identify lead agencies, and create a tool for preliminary planning.

The Georgia Coastal and Marine Planner (GCAMP) is a web based map viewer that provides Georgia specific data and information for planning and decision making.  The resource assessment and planning tool allows easy access to geospatial information without the requirement of expensive or complicated software.  GCAMP was designed to provide biological, physical, and human use information in the offshore environment to planners, managers, decision makers, and the public.  The viewer can be accessed by clicking on the this link www.geospatial.gatech.edu/GCAMP (external website).


 Screenshot of Georgia Coastal and Marine Planner


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