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Beach Driving


Beach Driving Authorizations Under the Shore Protection Act


Beach driving, as indicated by Title 12, Rule 391-2-2is allowed for under very specific criteria and is handled by CRD staff through the authority of the SPA Committee. A Beach Driving Authorization is required when a motor vehicle is used on, over, or across the dynamic dune field or beaches. Those individuals seeking an authorization must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Shore Protection Committee that they meet one or more of the following criteria which justify driving on the beach.

Qualifying Applicants

Those seeking a Beach Driving Authorization must either be:

  • Engaged in bona fide educational activities or scientific research as such activities are defined in O.C.G.A. 27-1-2 (24) and (62), or other bona fide educational activities or scientific research that requires beach driving; or

  • Are a legal resident or full-time resident on the island for which the authorization is requested; or

  • Are involved in beach maintenance or security which makes driving a vehicle necessary; or

  • Own or have an interest in real property on the island in question, or are the spouses, parents, children, grandchildren, or other lineal descendants (and their spouses) of such individuals.

In October of 2015, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board amended the Beach Driving Authorization Rule. 

The minor changes to the beach driving rule included the following:

1) The term “individuals” was replaced with “persons” in three places to more accurately reflect legislative language.  “Persons” is defined in the Shore Protection Act whereas “individuals” is not and the definition for “persons” includes “individuals”. 

2) The Rule was strengthened by stipulating that authorizations are barrier island specific, and not transferable between islands;

3) The term “life-saving” was added to better clarify when an authorization is not needed; and

4) The appendix was updated by replacing local names of existing access points with GPS coordinates and by increasing the total number of access sites coast wide by six (6). 

Beach Driving Authorization Application

291-2-2-.03 Beach Driving Rules

DNR approved access routes as set forth in Appendix A

Blackbeard Island

Cumberland Island

Jekyll Island

Little Cumberland

Little St. Simons Island

Ossabaw Island

Sapelo Island

Sea Island

St. Catherines Island

St. Simons Island

Tybee Island

Wassaw Island


Please contact Cindy Ridley, Beach Driving Coordinator, at our Brunswick headquarters office at (912) 264-7218 or cindy.ridley@dnr.ga.gov with any questions.