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Marina Lease Program

Marina Leases

Leases of public trust marshlands and waterbottoms are granted by the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee for marina facilities with greater than five hundred linear feet of mooring space.  The Coastal Marshlands Protection Act requires that the lease fee charged to for-profit facilities reflect fair market value.  The Georgia Coastal Management Program has been designated by the Committee to act on its behalf to evaluate, enforce, and execute water bottom leases.

Amendments to the Coastal Marshlands Protection Act made during the 2009 session of the Georgia General Assembly resulted in minor fluctuations of annual lease payments. 

House Bill 170, now codified at Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 12-5-287(d), establishes a base annual lease fee in 2009 of $1,000.00 per acre and a mechanism to adjust the annual lease rate to changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  


The Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee reviews base annual rent on or before May 1 each year.  Beginning in 2010, the 2009 rate of change (inflation or deflation) in the CPI for urban consumers, less food and energy, as reported by the U.S. Department of Labor, is used to calculate the total amount due.