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Federal Consistency

Federal Consistency Certification

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The direct federal activities, federal permits & licenses, and federally-assisted projects require a federal consistency determination or certification from the State of Georgia before most projects are allowed to proceed. The Georgia Coastal Management Program and Federal Consistency provisions are applicable in the eleven coastal counties: Effingham, Chatham, Wayne, Bryan, Liberty, Long, McIntosh, Wayne, Glynn, Brantley, Camden, and Charlton. If your project is not in one of these counties or is not listed, federal consistency is not required. Other State and local permits and licenses may also be required.

 Federal Consistency Certification

A federal consistency certification is simply a statement certifying that the federally permitted or federally funded project has been designed to meet all State and local laws and that all necessary State permits have been obtained. This is usually just a paragraph in an application form that you are required to sign.

Federal Consistency Determination

A federal consistency determination is a report, often part of an EA/EIS, that addresses the effects of a direct federal activity on enforceable policies of the State.


A Consistency Certification or Determination is Needed When

Does your Federally Permitted, Funded or Direct Activity Require Federal Consistency with Georgia’s Coastal Management Program?

Determination Guidance

For Direct Federal Activities Only

Federal Permits and Licenses

Listed Activities require Certification

Federal Assistance Programs

Listed Activities Require Certification

Direct Federal Activities

Listed activities require a Determination

Certification Guidance

For Permits and Licenses and Direct Federal Activities Only

State Laws Under Federal Consistency

Laws Subject to the Federal Consistency Provisions of the Coastal Zone Management Act

Coastal Zone Management 1997 Program Document