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Commercial Fishing Regulations

Fishermen who take finfish or other seafood for commercial sale must possess a valid commercial fishing license and if a boat is used, a commercial boat license.

The license must be on your person while fishing (O.C.G.A. 27-4-110).
Commercial fishermen must abide by season, creel and size limits when harvesting any of the finfish for which the Georgia General Assembly or the Board of Natural Resources (Board) has created regulations.
However, individuals fishing with a valid federal commercial fishing permit in federal waters may exceed the creel limits provided those waters are open for commercial fishing with specified gear, minimum size limits are observed, the quota has not been met, and the Board has not prohibited sale of the species.
Finfish for which there are minimum sizes and/or creel and possession limits must be landed head and fins intact. Transfer at sea is prohibited. (O.C.G.A. 127-4-130.1)

Information on federal commercial fishing permits may be obtained from the NMFS website or by calling (888) 872-8862.



 Regulatory information on federally managed species can be found at the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council (SAMFC) website

Highly Migratory Species (billfish, sharks, tuna, swordfish) regulatory information is available from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).